The Society of Clinical Psychology, Division 12 of the American Psychological Association, Awarded Emotionally Focused Therapy its Highest Rating for Best Research Evidence Based on 1998 Criteria.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

coupleEmotionally Focused Couples Therapy, an experiential, research-based practice for appropriate couples, has shown excellent long-term research results. EFT works by helping couples to create a stable, secure bond and safe haven with each other. This is done by identifying the negative cycles that lead each to act in ways that antagonize. The partner is triggered and may respond angrily to the first person. The negative cycle takes over leaving each hurt and alone. With EFT, couples learn to relate with each other more openly and vulnerably. Such risks, when safely and carefully supported by the Tx, offer remarkable rewards of increased closeness and connection.

The first sessions are Assessment, in which your therapist meets with both together, then with each individually, and again together to learn about your history, relationship, and goals. If beginning EFT looks suitable at the end of Assessment, the next stage is Stabilization which helps reduce the intensity between the two of you. Couples may begin to feel better right away. To assure that the changes will be on-going, your therapist assists with healing relationship injuries that can lead to long-term improvement in the ability to empathize with each other and express concerns without escalating tensions. Each is then more available to the other when needed.


While couples often feel much better after stabilization, continued treatment is important to maintain the changes. It is “like a prescription for antibiotics which you have to take for 10 days or the infection will come back even stronger." The next stage is Wellness in which couples work deeply to build stronger bonds and closer connections. The final stage is Consolidation of gains with the opportunity to resolve remaining issues. Couples often find they are able to talk with their partners more effectively and come to mutually satisfactory resolutions.

Many couples do have stressors that take longer treatment. For the best results, couples need to come in weekly and consistently.
Couples who complete the entire course of therapy say that their marriages are much better (70%) or that symptoms have been reduced (another 20%).

Your therapist sees her role as assisting couples in talking about the relationship as it is in the moment and likes EFT because it is so positive and supportive of both individuals.

One benefit that couples receive when they choose EFT Therapy at Life-Changes Counseling is that your therapist obtains consultation from highly-skilled master therapists to provide you with the best service.

Video recordings of your session enable your therapist to review your sessions and obtain this consultation. These recordings are for your therapist's educational benefit and are not part of the case file. These recordings are deleted frequently.

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